Opinion. Acoustic Zen Adagio vs Vandersteen 2’s

I once owned Vandersteen’s back in the 90’s and loved them, I now own Acoustic Zen Adagio which i also love.  However, I heard the “new” tech in the Vandersteen 2’s.     Any opinion here on selling the AZ’s and buying the 2’s?

The 2’s seem to have a smoother mid-range, while the AZ’s are a little more “punch”. 

Thanks Much 

I haven't heard the Adagio's, so I can't comment on them, but if you are considering Vandy's, I would suggest going to the newer models like the Treo or Quatro.
Yes, a bit more money, but I feel they are a considerable upgrade to the 2 and 3's.
I owned the 3a sigs, but moved to the Treo's and I can honestly say the Treo's are much more refined.