Opinion about Sonic Frontiers Control-1?

I found this amp at the used HIFI store, but i cannot get much info about it. It is 50WPC passive stage amp, with 4 El34, but accept Kt88 and kt90. I listened it, at the store, on the old Klipsch Forte, and it sounded much better than my Linn Majik-Tukan. I would appreciate any info about this amp, and suggestions for the "perfect mate": Speakers. Thanks!
type 3. That amp was ahead of it's time. As I recall, it had one 12AT7 and sometime you could change it and sometimes not from the stock Yugo. Try a Mullard 6201 in that position. Then there are two 12AU7 or AX7 or something, and we went Mullard there.

Used with a speaker like the Meadowlark Kestrel....or some other speaker that likes a slightly plump bass...and it's heaven.

I own one, and if you had chance to hear it with El34 tubes, you could have noticed fine detail, but 'laid' back nice spacious 'soundstage'. It uses one 12AT7, and two 12AU7. And remember it is not INTEGRATED amp! It is just an amp with volume/balance control (Read description on CJ CAV-50, it is the same thing) Upscale guy is right, Mullard is a MUST for 'splitter' tube (12AU7/6201) but for other two 12AT7's RCA Clear top, JAN Phillips (nice detail) Tung-sol and Ratheon (japan) would work equaly well. I would differ on speaker choice. I would suggest Triangle Zephyr, Antal or small Titus, Cabasse Farella 401...etc. The amp is without the PRE-amp, so GAIN is very low, and you need to find as sensitive speakers possible! My speakers are ACI Sapphire (90dB 6ohm)work well, but amp still has to "work'. The dial is at 11-12 o'clock, most of the time. Currently i am using EH El34, i find them little bit better, regarding detail, than Svetlana's.
Meadowlark web-site states, that power requirement for Kestrel's is 10W minimum! SFC is 50wpc! However, will the choice of the 'tube' color the sound of the amp, one way or another? More suggestions?
SF amps, as i remember are not 'tillting' toward either side. At least that is the goal, of the SF designers. As neutral as possible. I believe, if you pick speakers with the same traits, you might end up disapointed? I would also suggest Meadowlark Kestrel, that lean toward dark side. Maybe Vienna Acoustic Mozart, or Opera Seconda..? Avoid overly open speakers, particulary with SF amps. But, that is just my opinion.