opine please,and thanks

I have a pair of Polk LSi15,run with 300wpc,in a well damped room.I have been interested in a pair of Polk SDA-SRS recently.Having never heard the SDA,I am curious if anyone here may be familiar with both,and would opine on the two in a comparitive view.You thoughts are appreciated.My listening is nearly all acoustic,'bebop',and other 'jazz' of acoustic nature.
Or not.
Well, I have heard the SDA SRS a long time ago. I always felt that it sounded very muddy and slow--I did not like it. There are others who think it is a great speaker. It is definitely a different animal than the Polks you own, and I would caurion you not to buy it until you hear it. You will either love it or hate it, but I wouldn't give up a very good speaker, as you now own, for something you haven't heard and that sounds as different as the SDA series.
Rcprince,thanks.No I have not heard the SDA-SRS.I have just read much about them.I appreciate your thoughts since you have apparently heard both.Yes the Lsi15 is IMhO a very good speaker,and I have heard many modern popular speakers more pricey.The Lsi bested most IMhO.
As I vaguely recall it, the SDA series used some sort of out of phase or similar signals from each speaker designed to cancel out some extraneous signal from the other speaker and thereby create a more holographic soundfield. I just didn't like it as much as their monitor series that they had at the time (and their Lsi-15 is a much better speaker than the old monitor series, in my opinion), which had a much cleaner sound and didn't sound tilted towards the bass to the point of muddiness down in that region like the SDA. It could be I heard a bad setup, but it was at a long-time Polk dealer that usually paid attention to set-up issues. However, I recall from some past threads that there are A-gon members who own and love the SDA speakers; you might want to search the archives to find them and ask for their thoughts on them (maybe in the Speakers to hold onto for life thread?). As I said, though, I felt the presentation was sufficiently different from the usual speaker system to require that you hear them before you pull the trigger on them.
Rcprince,thanks again for the follow-up.I really would not be able to hear them first,so I will just put it out of my mind,and continue on my search for an affordable speaker to best the Lsi15.Thanks much........Double4w.