Opera recommendations on vinyl

Hello, I'm looking for opera record recommendations, preferably something currently available on line. I recently purchased Madama Butterfly and would like more of that variety. Carmen comes to mind but I'm sure there are many others. Please give me any specifics necessary in acquiring these LPs.

Turandot with Boerling and Tebaldi recorded in 1959. I believe its still available. Good recording and outstanding performances.
LPs, eh? That could be tough. I don't know of any opera recordings, especially from the major labels, that are available on vinyl. It will be the used market only. Yeah, "Carmen" is a good choice, maybe with Callas and Gedda. My favorite Puccini opera is "La Fanciulla del West" or "The Girl of the Golden West". I suggest the Angel recording with Nilsson. "Turandot" is another good 'un, but I prefer the golden, open-throated, no holes barred approach of Corelli as the Prince Calaf. "Samson and Delilah" is another rip snorter. Domingo had two good recordings. This is all a matter of taste so let the flames begin, if there are any opera fans on AudiogoN. Middle and late Verdi is also prime stuff. Happy hunting and listening.
Go for the voices at the height of their artistry. Look for Cabelle, Carrears, Fischer-Diskow, Paravotti, Price, ect. the list is enormus. Look for imported presings. I am partial to Phillips recordings rather then Deutche-Gramaphone.
I was also interested in finding old record of Saint-saëns: Samson Et Dalila / Prêtre, Vickers, but only thing i found is new CD on sale at the Arkivmusic.com for $21.83. I am not fan of the opera, but this one blew my mind when i heard it couple of days ago on KNPR.
Pergolesi "Stabat Mater".
Try Traviata & Aida on EMI (with Callas), & Carmen on Decca (Solti & a reasonable cast). They should be easy to find on LP. There's also Don Giovanni on DG & EMI.
If you liked Madama Butterfly, and more specifically Puccini, you will love "Montserrat Caballe Puccini Arias" Angel S-36711. This is my all time favorite album of opera music. This LP, as far as I know, is not currently available; you will need to find it used. It is also on CD on Angel(EMI) CDC-747841 2. The music on this album is so beautiful it's worth having, even if you have to get the CD! Do not miss this wonderful album! Good luck in your search.
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll use it to go record shopping this weekend in San Franciso/Berkeley. If there are any other recommendations, please let me know!