Opera Prima ?

Has anyone have any experience with these speakers? I'm thinking of assembling a bedroom system and am looking for good sounding bookshelf speakers. I'll be using 15watt el84 tube amp that sounds more like a fifty watt amp. Are they warm or bright? Do they sound full or thin? Do they sound like real music...harmonics, flesh on the bodies, etc. or do they sound hi-fi?

Are there any small speakers that you prefer to these?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Opera are fabulous performers for classical and opera and will hold their own against competitive offerings.

You should also check out Almarro from Japan as well. They are specifically made for Jazz and Classical and sound wonderful.

If you stick with Opera, you should maybe consider Unico which makes matching amps. They are a seperate company but in the same town as Opera and therefore have a close working relationship.

Almarro M1As match well to their 318 tube series.

There is a dealer in San Juan Capistrano that carries both lines. I have heard both at his home and can highly recommend them to you.

Harbeth from UK also makes English sounding speakers that match well with classical. Gene Rubin Audio specializes in these.
Bongofury..Thank you so much for responding. I havn't been able to find much info on the Opera, so I appreciate your input. Base on what I've read, I am also considering the Harbeth Compact 7 an SHL5. Do you happen to know how the Harbeth's sound would compare to the Opera or the Almarro's?
Big on vocals and mid range instruments. Really a pleasure to listen to--used by the BBC for years.