Opera DVD players

Since my modest opera DVD stash is pushing 100, I wonder if there are any comments on what might be a better/best player than my old Oppo DV-970 .
It still does a good job , I have no complaints, but perhaps would not hurt to have something newer around 500$ ?
New or used .
These days, a new disc player would be either a Bluray Player (there are some great Bluray opera discs) or even UHD Bluray. I would suggest an Oppo 203. It has both (very good) analogue and digital outputs. And it has superb UHD video quality. It can play files from a NAS as well. Apparently it is also Roon ready and can be used as a *very* basic pre amplifier (the 205 has a bit more potential for that).
If you already have a good DAC and don't care for UHD Bluray, a basic Bluray player will be fine as well, as long as it has an optical/coaxial digital stereo output to connect it to your DAC.
Thanks willemj . Nearly all my DVD's are not Bluray, do you think the up /down  scaling (whatever it is) would cause a problem ? I know it can with a TV .
A Bluray player will also play a DVD. I have never experienced problems playing a DVD on a Bluray player into a HD screen. One other thing to be aware of: if you have an older tv it may not have an hdmi connection for the video part but only scart. Modern disc players only have hdmi video connections, and not scart.