Opera Consonance 2.0 SACD vs 2.2 CD redbook play

Has anyone had a chance to compare the difference in redbook CD performance between the Opera Audio Consonance 2.0 SACD and 2.2 CD player? I mostly listen to redbook CD, but am thinking about getting into SACD more. However, I don't want to sacrifice redbook performance over SACD. If anyone has been fortunate enough to compare the two, please explain the differences between the two. Thanks.
I see you've gotten no response. I have the 2.2 and I have been very happy with it. I was using Vandersteen 2 sig's which are pretty forgiving speakers. I'm now using maggie 3.6 speakers and they are supposed to be ruthless in showing the weakness of your components. I was worried that the 2.2 would fall short but it only sounds better, more detail, very smooth. I'm running mine direct to the amps. I have not heard the 2.0.