Opera Barque M12

I'm about to complete my system -Opera Audio Consonance 5.5 integrated SET amp(with Svetlana 300B tubes) + Reference 2.2 MK2 CD player with Opera Barque M12 horn speakers. Though all the components are of the same producer there is very scarce info on it's actual sounding. Unfortunately in our country I don't have the possibility to audition this very set of the equipment all together. So your experience with these Barque M12 speakers (their second version, not the 1-st one and not newest mk2) are very much welcome in my taking the final decision.
Room is 5x5x3m ( 16'x17'x11')
Music : all good
??? vocal? edginess with trumpets and other brass? midrange? listening fatigue? low volume sounding?any shrillness at high volumes?

Thanks in advance for your opinions
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