OpenReelRecords : new titles on the market ...

Hello Forum, we are an Italian company and we enter in high-end music opening our new e-commerce site :

We produce, record on-stage, edit and finally duplicate for the distribution very high quality analog tapes in ΒΌ format and vinyl LP, classical and jazz music.

We start the production in the late 2014, so we are proud to show our new proposals of new titles in the Master Series, products with internationally renowned artists.

In the next month coming interesting titles retrieved from Historical Archives and the RT3, a new real time hardware to ensure the fidelity of duplications of distribution master, currently under development.

The Team
How did you come up with such 'affordable' prices? I think it would make more sense to record from personal LP than paying EUR 245 for each reel!
I can have 15 Hi-Resolution downloads for the money, I think it's $230 too much and 30 years too late.
If you find no customers for your reels, I'll purchase them $1 each.
Lemme know.
I guess re-inventing Thelonious includes changing the spelling of his name?
This thread brings Internet ignorance and trolling to a new low.
The truth sometimes can be taken as ignorance or criticized as...
Perhaps you can enlighten all of us on Openreel's project. You obviously have no clue and didn't even take the time to visit their website and learn before shooting your mouth off.

Better yet, you can start by telling us how much one 10-inch reel of 468 tape costs.
I visited the website.I'm still baffled by how you can spell the name of a composer incorrectly.I'm referring to the Arrigo Cappelletti offering "Reinventing Thelonius".Hire a proofreader,pay attention to details.
Are you depressed and lose sleep that the sun is going to go supernova in 5 billion years? Do you read through every issue of Stereophile like a grammar Nazi and look for every typo too? Do you go through every owners manual and look for typos and errors too? Big deal, they made a mistake. Have you ever made a mistake? English also isn't their first language and stuff happens. Guess that mistake eliminates any ability to listen to the tape. Come to think of it, what does it have to do with the sound of tape at all.
Thanks for being true patriot of Openreel project.
I may remain ignorant s-hole.
Tape is a natural medium. It breathes. An ordinary freaking audio cassette is like light years ahead of your average CD.
That's why we should pay near $500 per each 7" tape reel.
I don't thing it's the right business move.
Just like vinyl it can be rejuvenated, but current vinyl I'm able to purchase within $20 per piece.

04-15-15: Myles_b_astor
This thread brings Internet ignorance and trolling to a new low.

Not surprising for this place Myles...Troll city. The Enrico Dindo tape is amazing both in sound and performance.
Perhaps the new business line after this one will be HD 8-tracks.

Just think if the Greeks default on their debts, 245 Euro will equal about 12 US Dollars.
and what if us defaults??