open request to Audiogon.. please refine your listing filters

It would be very helpful if this site would refine its filters so we could more easily search for what we want to buy.  As is you have to sift through many listings to find what meets your needs. Say I need a power amplifier with at least 100 WPC and balanced inputs listed for less than $1000. Unless I am intimately familiar with the specs on all amplifiers (I am not) I have to open many, many listings to find candidates when it would would be very easy to program filters into the site so I would only see amps that meet my needs. Searching cables for balanced vs. RCA with minimum length and maximum price, cartridges for MC vs, MM, etc.

I sent this to them a year or so ago and got a response that they agreed it was a very good idea
Wow what a great idea don't hold your breath until its done!!
It would also be great if the cable listings had a searchable field for length