Open Letter To REL, SVS, Hsu, etc., et al

Why don’t you include a cd that will actually enable your customers to properly set up their purchase from you? Telling me to choose something with ‘low bass content’ and put it on repeat is pathetic at best. There are very specific and very limited numbers of tones needed to dial in a sub. One of the above companies tells me to use track 4 from ‘Sneakers’, a 29 year old movie, as an aid in dialing in a sub. Maybe in 70 years the track will be in the public domain and they can just rip it for free to whatever medium is current in 2091.
Test tones, as far as I know, aren’t copyrighted, and would cost very little to put on a cd. 50 blank cd’s cost 15.00 retail. Include one with tones and instructions in the box. Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, etc., etc., would also qualify as a place to put your sub setup tones, along with detailed voice instructions. 
I know many people now use automated setups in their AVR’s, but I’d bet many reading this on Audiogon don’t- most two channel systems are behind the times in this regard.
Or am I missing something?
By the way 
I have two Rels S510.
If you buy a JL Audio Fathom it comes with a microphone which you place at your listening position, hit a button and it sets up the sub with optimal settings. 
Martin-Logan includes ARC with their x series. It can be setup from a smartphone. Better results obtained with the Perfect Bass Kit. It uses 5 positions. Well worth the investment.

I’ve tried setting up a few crossover-only-sub for pals and the best position is rarely friendly.
I think the original question is a valid one, but including various manufacturer names in the thread title without checking whether they provided what was being referenced or not was an error.

Failing to do a bit of homework doesn't detract from the issue, though. There are a lot of manufacturers whose provision for this is deficient or non-existent.

(The CD provided by HSU, BTW, is useful)
I love my subs with my 2-channel system.  I am limited to their locations and have Dr. Hsu's original design, the passive cylinders.  It has a fixed crossover point that is selected by changing out modules in a circuit board accessed from a back panel on the amp.  I use the volume knob on the amp to have the subs blend best for each album.  I can usually keep the volume alone but sometimes there is an album either really lacking or a bit overdone with bass so I adjust.  I am working on setting up a 5.1 system again after many years of no HT and ordered a Hsu VTF2-MK5.  It has the crossover knob like on most subs and I feel it will help me get there.  I do believe a dynamic movie or some music is all I will need.  I used to have a CD I borrowed from a friend that was a car audio judge.  Each track was the next frequency.  I don't remember the full range but it was focused on bass, so probably something like 10-100Hz.  It was fun to play around with along with my SPL meter to plot out the sound from my listening position.  I suppose that could be helpful if placement had some options and you could work towards the flattest curve.  It would be a fun experiment in a dedicated listening room.