Open Letter To REL, SVS, Hsu, etc., et al

Why don’t you include a cd that will actually enable your customers to properly set up their purchase from you? Telling me to choose something with ‘low bass content’ and put it on repeat is pathetic at best. There are very specific and very limited numbers of tones needed to dial in a sub. One of the above companies tells me to use track 4 from ‘Sneakers’, a 29 year old movie, as an aid in dialing in a sub. Maybe in 70 years the track will be in the public domain and they can just rip it for free to whatever medium is current in 2091.
Test tones, as far as I know, aren’t copyrighted, and would cost very little to put on a cd. 50 blank cd’s cost 15.00 retail. Include one with tones and instructions in the box. Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, etc., etc., would also qualify as a place to put your sub setup tones, along with detailed voice instructions. 
I know many people now use automated setups in their AVR’s, but I’d bet many reading this on Audiogon don’t- most two channel systems are behind the times in this regard.
Or am I missing something?
Sure thing drussell. Those tracks are exactly what will be helpful. I’ve been using a cd from Alan Parsons- ‘Sound Check’ from ‘93. It gives some CD players fits- it has 92 tracks, and navigating them can be a pain. Small quirks make it less than ideal for sub setup, but it’s doable. Ideally if these tracks were available on streaming services, setup would be easier. First world problem though, so I will survive.
Vandersteen has its "Vandertones" files for free download on its web site. Not sure if this will help with non-Vandersteen subs though, since the crossover design on Vandy subs is unique.
Download REW, buy a UMIK or Dayton EMM-6 microphone, learn how to use them and do it up right.

Failing that, well recorded material trumps test tones 6 ways to Sunday. My fav is a large pipe band recorded out of doors. When the sub is right, it slaps you right up side the head. Ditto Underture from Tommy, The Who 1969 version. A well recorded [in a cathedral with good pipe organ] Bach's Toccata  & Fugue in D in D Minor could get you by as well.

IMO, test tones on CDs are next to useless, but I've only been in this game 50+ years.

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Glad you were able to find some suitable tracks. I have several setup CD's that I use and was going to offer you a copy. Just pay shipping. 😃