Open invite

If anyone is in the Indianapolis area or coming here and wants to hear NSMT 100's paired with Esoteric N05XD and pass labs XA25 you have an open invite to visit.  I would love for others to hear my system and provide comments. There is nothing like home auditioning or a friends house to get a fix on what things sound like.


Just email me and and will set something up. What a great hobby!



Great of @johnah5 on this invitation extending thread!

I am also open to this for anyone living in or visiting the Boston MA area.

Nothing too exotic here but have some interesting components I like to rotate (B&W 801 Matrix S2s, Magnepan LRS, LS50s, Rogers LS/35As circa early 1970s, Ologe 5s, Harbeth SHL5+40s, and a recently completed build of PureAudioProject Trio15 Coax 10 open baffles)

A pair of Ampzilla 2000 2nd editions and a pair of Bryston B7s share rotation time with an old but modded Jolida SJ 502A and a class A Forte SS.

New to vinyl here with a Rega RP8 and a 40+ year old heavily modded Rega P3.

Two systems in one lengthy room share an AudioKinesis Swarm DBA (distributed bass array) subwoofer setup via a Schiit SYS.

Most of this gear (the older stuff) was given to me from my audiophile Uncle a few years ago when he moved to assisted living.

It was and still is such a joy to me experiencing, learning about, and enjoying the different combination of components.

Why not share the love?

Several years ago I invited a fellow horn enthusiast I met on another audio forum to visit and hear my system.  I didn't expect him to accept since he lived in the Netherlands.  About a year later he told me he, his wife and son were visiting the USA to attend several NASCAR races.  This really surprised me because he was a quite sophisticated European who owned a software company.  At any rate I welcomed them.  My wife and I enjoyed their company so much they ended up staying most of a week before they departed for Charlotte to catch another NASCAR  race.