open headphones AND speakers = Wow

I'm sure this is committing audiophile debauchery of some sort... but have you ever tried listening to your headphones and your speakers at the same time? I forgot to turn my bedroom amp off, so I was listening to my Senn 650 and my VS VR1 simultaneously. The sound is awesome! You get all the detail and the resolution from the headphones, but also get the body and "soundstage" from the speakers. Give it a try sometime, if you dare...
Goatwuss, Perhaps the high fidelity gods will forgive you, just this once. But that much fun may be too much of a good thing. P.S. It's not "audiophile debauchery" if you restrict such activity to your living room :>)
Headphones and subwoofer together is pretty good too, but I assume you're right and it's some form of blasphemy.
It's kind of like the Japanese twins in Austin Powers...
Tisk! Children may be viewing!
I've never seen anyone doing this, but I do see people wearing both a belt and suspenders.

But seriously, if it works for you, go with it. To heck with everyone/everything else.