Open door at first reflection area of right spkr

Which will be the phenomena in such a situation ?
Left speaker has a flat wall aside and both speakers are at 6,5 feet from the side wall. I suppose with sich a distance reflections will not be massive, but............I have difficulties in getting the vocal imaging at center stage and wondering when this is created by this open door at the right speaker. The vocal is more placed at the left side.
Copuld it be that the stronger reflection I get from left speaker (that has a wall at 6,5 feet distance)make the voice imaging more on the left side ?
Could be. What happens to the image when you play a mono recording? And have you tried fiddling with the balance control? That's what it's there for. (Granted, it's not a perfect tool, but the perfect tool is a perfect room.)
try closing the open door.
You can play around with toe-in to compensate but you will probably always hear that un-even response. You need to re-model. Add a pocket door, or take the whole wall down and reconfigure which is what I did years ago. I had two big openings, one into a dining/kitchen area and one into an entry foyer and no room treatment or placement could compensate for that. I put up new walls with french doors that are beautiful to look at and let all the light from the other rooms come through. It is a decision I will never regret.