open baffle vs sealed box designs

in a previous post, i asked for advice concerning stand mounted speakers.

it has occurred to me that an open baffle design may exhibit less box coloration than a sealed box.

i am not aware of any open baffle monitor speakers, other than the et lft 16 and possibly a nola design.

are there any others under $2000 which are a bit soft in the treble ?
I can offer a fostex f200a OB loudspeaker ceramic cone alnico mag 90db 35hz-20khz with slight roll off in hifrequincy.A very detailed ,great image but just a bit light on top.I can build a pair for your $2000 you can pick maple or cherry veneer and will inc frieght shipping I build 30 loudspeaker systems a year please check my adds for more info

What about a pair of Dahlquist DQ-10's? There is a pair listed on the 'Gon right now for $550.00. DQ-10's
The woofer in the DQ 10s is not in an open baffle. Nice speaker, I owned it for years. You can do better, though.
Hey JohnK ..How about hook a brother up with some OBs?
I already have the drivers. I would like to be able to swap them over when feeling like a change. How much for just the Baffles? I could get them made locally but your wood work is awesome! You can just email me privately if you like.

Bastanis Prometheus sound like an interesting speaker although they have an integrated sealed box subwoofer. Check out the review at
OB need a separate low freq channel -- and it's usually a closed box. OR you need sophisticated equalisation (as in Linkwitz's Orion).

BTW, I love the OB sound.
So, I really don't think you'll be UNhappy with either the fostex (above-never heard them) or the Bastanis (heard these).
If you're good at electronics you might have a go at the Orions (here). This speaker is world class (IMO, etc).
Not sure what OP meant by open baffle vs sealed box, but the purpose of the baffle is to avoid cancellation of front and rear propagations from a speaker, so at low frequencies (long wave lengths) the baffle has to be quite large. Thus you expect the LF section to be a more or less sealed box of some type. Not sure what the value for HF is purported to be, or why one wold expect such an arrangement to have value.


One other design that has recently surfaced is from Germany and costs about $475.00- $500.00/speaker plus shipping. It's called the NoBox BB. I cannot comment on the sound but Dick Olsher did a review at
One other thing, as with any kit speaker, you have to build the baffle (or get someone to build it for you). Plans are on the web site.

You could get the Fertin 20EX. They're great in an open
baffle. You get stunning clarity and speed and surprising
bass. You'll pay a bit more. The baffles are easy to
build and not expensive at all. You could e-mail me and I
can send you the plan.