OP-AMPS in Theta

Can anyone tell me what opamps are employed in the the Theta Data Basic/Theta DSPro Basic IIIA? I am interested in knowing what benefit if any I might get from upgrading to ; OPA627, or AD8066?

Thanks Mike.
Well, I could open up my DSPro Basic IIIa and tell you what I see - but wouldn't you already own one yourself if you're interested in doing this?...
I dont know what is inside ProBasicIIIA,you should look
under cover and check.I believe that non of this is inside.
Your Dac is balanced and you need a double.It means that
you need a 4single or 2dual op amps.OPA627 is a single
and there is no a dual version,AD8066 is dual vith single
version AD8065.So if you have a dual version OPA627 can
not fit in your pcb and you need a new small pcb for
adjusting.It require a much work and skill,so my advice
in that case is to use AD8066.If you ask about benefits
with this grip you cannot miss.There are a "Big Three",
OPA627,AD8065,66 and AD825(also single ).So,happy listening