Op amps for a Hagerman Bugle?

I have two Bottlehead Seductions, a Hagerman Cornet and a Transcendent Sound phono preamp, all parts-upgraded to the hilt, based on expert advice. I've recently built a second Hagerman Bugle, after a first sounded so good, and put in TS2352 Vishays, .22 uF Russian Teflons and a couple of other upgrades. It sounds as good, at least, as any of my other phono preamps. I wonder about changing op amps to make it even better, and would be grateful if anyone could advise me on this. This is a remarkable design, and a huge bargain. I have a chassis design I'd be glad to pass on--calls for some carpentry, a table saw or the like, but doable. Pics of that on request. Thanks for any help on the op amp question.
I read some info regarding op amps upgrade in this model, you have many choices:
OPA627 (duals on DIP 8 adapter) or LT1028 (duals on DIP8 adapter)
Hi, As you know all about Vishays etc. and I know all about string quartets playing Beethoven, or sopranos singing Bellini, maybe you could make up a kit for us thousands of Transcendent Sound users, of the phono pre, and the SE OTL, who would like to upgrade with components that make a difference, now that cartridges are much improved.

A kit of parts and instructions would garner a respectable fee for your work, saving us countless weeks of searching for the pot of gold, that you know is not at the end of the rainbow, but in the circuits.