oopo bdp-83 se, which mod is best sor stereo

I'm interested in getting the best picture and two channel sound out of OPPO BDP-83SE. Modright, Nuforce, Ram and others are offering Oppo BDP-83 SE mods. I don't have an HT set up. Got a SONY 1080P HDTV in the Den. Im looking to use this Universal player to two primary ways. One into the HDTV for the Den with channel stereo. Two use the music analog outputs for my music system (GerryM5) in my living room. I've never invested a lot in CD, SACD, and DVDs, because I'm a vinyl guy with 3500 LPs. Still there is somegreat music to get in CD and SACD and even BluRay? But this seems like this OPPO special can improve 2 channel music and BluRay/HDTv for greatly. When I heard that several modifiers where improving the picture and two channel sound, I really became very interested. My virtual system is under GerryM5 for BluRay/DVD/CD I used a sony BDP8350 for the TV. Please give me your reasons for the choices you would make for me after reading my priorities.
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If you have the SE, leave it alone. Mods are not sonicly or visually cost effective. If they were, the mod people would offer a demo machine so you could do an a/b test, blind on the sound. Save your money for the 3D experience that is coming, that will be the next level. Oppo is a great product, leave it alone..

A modder won't devaluate whose modification.