Oooh Potential Squeezebox Touch replacement

I just read the Audiostream review of the Pioneer Elite N-50 music streamer. It, and the N-30 (same but minus the USB DAC features), seem like potential SBT replacements. They are priced at $500 and $700 list, and offer DLNA connectivity via wired networks or wi-fi with a $150 adapter (or, just get one of those ethernet adaptors that use your home's a/c wiring to provide wired connections in different rooms). They now offer gapless playback, and both Apple and other CODECS, up to 24/192 resolution. No touch screen, but a small color screen on the unit, plus a basic remote. My experience with Pioneer products is that they are easy to set up, easy to use, and very reliable, if not the lasrt word in performance. My main question is whether they are compatible with SmartGain coding, which I find very valuable for listening. Anybody with experience or knowledge, please post! Thanks.
Can the thing really do 24/192 over WiFi? I doubt it. Probably wired Ethernet only.

Even if it does everything you want, it undoubtedly will need reclocking to reduce jitter. These are not high-end pieces.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I am waiting on the Olive One.
Steve: I wouldn't bother with the $150 wifi adapter. I'd get one of the power line adapters, so perhaps the hi-res would work. I agree that, in spite of the positive review, the internal DAC is probably above-average mid-fi at best, but I would use my own DAC anyway, like I do now with my SBT. While some folks use the SBT with serious, mega-buck systems, I am not one of them. I am of modest means, and always on the lookout for affordable gear that will provide the musical experience I desire.

Robr45: I am 53 yrs old. Based on Olive's speed at bringing this thing to market, I don't think I have enough time left to wait for the One. Besides, right now, my SBT is working fine. I am only thinking ahead to when it dies.
Regarding the Transporter, die it may. As mine did last week. No one can fix this thing. Logitech is useless if you are out of warranty. In warranty they just send you a new one from old stock. I guess they will just screw warranty claims when they run of of NOS units. They hve n mechanism for repair even for customers willing to pay. ModWright wont even touch this thing anymore. It was nice while it lasted, but now I am...

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