Onzow Zero Dust - cleaning the cleaner

I've been using the Onzow Zero Dust stylus cleaner for a few weeks and the elastic "element," as they refer to it in the insert, got a bit dirty from the bottom of my Lyra Delos cartridge accidentally coming into contact with it. The insert states that you can "wash it in warm water with a little amount of neutral detergent" and "you can use this stylus tip remover repeatedly." I tried to rinse it with some Penta water but it didn't remove the dirt. Has anyone actually cleaned their Zero Dust with success? If so, how do you do it and dry it? Thanks!
I usually wash it succefully under tap water. I use my fingure to rip off all the residues, then the hair dryer to dry it up.

I have cleaned mine a few times using Dawn and warm water, rinse real good and let air dry...
This was recently written up in Stereophile --


Substantially cheaper and still reusable.
no need to use fancy water to rinse it off. Put it under the tap with a dab of dishwashing soap should do it.

I bought one a few years ago, used it a couple of times, and found it no better than a cartridge brush. Another item collecting dust(the irony) in the audio waste of money drawer. Just my experience, YMMV. A few swipes with a brush does the same exact thing.

Many use the Magic Eraser with good results.

Magic eraser followed by a dry brush is the way to go. Search the archives for all the gory details including comparison analysis and close up photos. So cheap and so effective. Cheers,
This is a real piece of junk.

Have to agree with ebm.  His post is a real piece of junk. :)

Also agree with jsman.  A tiny bit of Dawn, rinse well with lukewarm water and air drying does the job very nicely.
I actually removed mine for the plastic holder to clean it with dish soap,  Once it dried, I replaced it back in the plastic box after it dried.  I have done this a coupe of times now.  Cleans up quite nice.  I disagree with anyone who feels this device is 'not' as good as other methods described.  This is no better, nor any worse.  Just safer in my opinion.  No brushing,  no scrubbing. No chemicals to wick up the cantilever.  Just a safe dip once or twice into the jell. Should actually last a life time.  I'm done trying other methods.  This works as intended.  What more could you ask of a product.
I use it and wash it with mild soap and water. I find it to be very effective. That and my Destat, Demag and Audiodeske System cleaner constitute my standard vinyl hygiene routine.
works great, cleans up easy.  I don’t know what else you would want.  It’s not like we are cleaning nuclear waste.

Thanks everyone for chiming in. I did as suggested and used dish washing liquid, wet microfiber cloth, and rinsed with tap water. Removed most of the dirt but not all of it. Seems some, but very little, of it is embedded in the cleaner now. Still works fine though.

I actually didn't purchase the Zero Dust; it was given to me by my dealer as a thank you gift to try it out. I do use the Magic Eraser and other stuff to clean the stylus. The Zero Dust works fine; not sure what all the hate is about. 
I also use Dawn, but I employ an old shaving brush that I use to clean my eyeglasses.  I think the ZD is a good thing for taking the dust blobs off the stylus before brushing it with your expensive liquid stylus cleaner and getting it full of lint.