Only you expensive cable owners, is this real?

I have followed and agree to all of your recommendations. I seen this on Facebook which I never believe anything but thought I would check it out with you guys.                                                   What are your thoughts?
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You get redirected to the Mapleshade store here:

OP, we are a diverse crowd, I have trouble believing you have followed and agreed to all recommendations. That would be impossible.


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Hilarious that some people consider outstanding high end companies like Mapleshade and PWB Electronics fringe. Give me a break! A rich audiophile has about as much chance of getting into Audio Nirvana as a camel has of passing through the eye of a needle.
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Really have to consider the size of the eye in the needle.
The Furry with the Syringe on Top 
I dont doubt that Mapleshade makes some good products. The owner of this company lost me when he stated that the woods used to make instruments made the best component platforms. Some of what he says about cables makes sense. 
“If I could explain it the average Bozo they wouldn’t have given me the Nobel prize.” - Richard Feynman (well, almost) 
Lizzie, as the reigning theoretical physicist here I think I can safely say what you call fringe is just plain ordinary physics albeit physics that wasn’t in your McGuffey Reader. Besides, I thought you were on board Enid Lumley’s stuff. What’s the matter, it kind of looks like discrimination. 
Sorry i would never use or look on facbook for anything.
Two up quarks and one down, or one down and two up, Geoff? Careful with that beta decay!
the maple boards, brass cones and isoblocks are awesome. The speaker cables are excellent for the price. I use all.  Haven't tried the IC's or power products...
stevecham3,153 posts01-27-2019 2:01pmTwo up quarks and one down, or one down and two up, Geoff? Careful with that beta decay!

>>>>>>It looks like you answered your own question. 
My personal list of Cone Materials, best sounding first. Notice the relationship of hardness to sound quality.

DH (Diamond Hardness) (ceramic) Cones
Tempered High Carbon Steel
Carbon Fiber
Rubber type materials
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Surely you must be joking had his phd
purple rain is all ya got Jeff

I’m starting to get a bad feeling. 
Over time, I saved some funds and purchased some expensive cables. 
They are quite substantial in appearance. I like them, and I have no regrets.

These ‘Hey rich audiophile’ threads are really starting to become tiresome.
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Geoff, the website is.... great.  I will consider your products before making any future upgrades.
Thank you, wiseguy.
I have done the teleportation tweak a couple times. It worked for me, as does; the images taped to windows, also on digital cases (later replaced with his own version) , brilliant pebbles, the clocks, Springs (at one time I had Still Points an Risers $$$$$), Turquoise tray liners, and the NEW Dark Matter is on it's way

If I couldn't hear the improvements I wouldn't be a repeat offender. Alas, many here have likely NEVER tried any of them, but feel obligated to poo poo them
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I guess the definition of “odder stuff” varies from individual to individual. 😆 if I’m not mistaken both Cream Electret and Silver Rainbow Foil from PWB (Peter Belt) in Leeds are on Stereophile’s Recommended Components list. Some folks never get out of the house. Two of my most successful and effective products TT and CLC oft times make people’s head explode just seeing the name. See how they run!
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Ethan Winer. Haven’t heard that name in a while. Is he out of rehab?
Laugh out loud.....
Thanks Geoff....
If it is in writing it must be true......
I wasted 10 minutes of my life on this stupid thread! Only one person contributed anything to the knowledge base. @jl35 , at least I think you are sincere. Has anyone else ever tried these cables? They look intriguing, but I've bought 2 products from Mapleshade in my life, a CD (bleh) and a grounded LP brush. I use neither very much at all.
Hey 2channel 8, thanks for your reply. I should of known better to of started this thread. I was just curious about the Facebook page regarding these cords. It just seemed different from what I have read here about wire. 
You may laugh, I bought a pair of Infinity Kappa 8's 20 years ago, until I started having Adcom timer balance issues. My first step was replacing my speaker wire with something much better than electrical cord that I had always used. What a difference. Why was I using electrical cord? It was written in the original manuel from Infinity regarding what type of wire to use.
and many here will tell you to use the cheapest cord you can find...
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I had the Mapleshade Clearview speaker cables and thought they were very good.  I auditioned some Audience cables which are a lot pricier, and had to strain to hear differences.  The Audience had *maybe* a hair more resolution, to my ears.

I only sold them to move to even more minimal Omega Mikros.
I came across Mapleshade on FB as well and after talking to Pierre, I thought I’d give his maple blocks under my speakers and his double helix speaker wires a try. Well the maple blocks(4” with heavyweight brass footers) didn’t work for my Zu Soul Superfly speakers. They actually diminished the bass a bit and there seemed to be some loss in detail in mid to high frequencies. 
Also I tried the speaker wires and they were not quite as good sounding as my existing Zu event cables. 
So as they say, theses things are system dependent and you really need to give them a try on your system. 

A woman said, "'OP, we are a diverse crowd"   this means no one can agree on much     it's the New  over used word I'm growing to dislike.    i saying this in a good way
 let's get that right    
You do not have to buy anything from Mapleshade. I have two Mapleshade racks, (love them) the static drain brush for my records ,(ordering another) some other tweaks and several CDs. 
The CD's have a great sense of presence and really capture the timbre and bite of real live music recorded in a real space.

Pierre Sprey is not fringe. Pierre is passionate and intelligent. Read about him. He has lived a remarkable life.

Elizabeth commented about the military and conspiracy drivel. Well, he is more then competent to critique the military and Pentagon.
These posts about Mapleshade are so typical of forums. Know nothing, critique and complain based on your lack of knowledge. Show your predetermined beliefs. Go figure.

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"Also I tried the speaker wires and they were not quite as good sounding as my existing Zu event cables."

Thanks, rickraymond59. You get the "set my mind at ease" prize. I'll keep my Zu Libtecs and stop wondering about the Mapleshades. By the way, they replaced some Auvio 12G Premium wire that was 99%OCC of which half was silver coated. I strained to hear the difference when I upgraded to the Libtecs with no burn in. Did I go back and compare again after 400 hours? Nah!
It seems the trend in high end audio is ridiculously higher and higher prices combined with outlandish and bogus claims - the Mapleshade design approach to speaker cable, IMO, is sound and the price seems reasonable.
I don’t have any of the Mapleshade cables in my system, but the speaker cables I have and have been using in my main system for the past eight years, are similarly built, that is - a double run of single strand high grade copper conductors, ea. run with a thin coating of polyethylene insulation, protected with a thin textile sleeve. No Graphene, no moon dust, no layers and layers of fancy bogus shielding, just well designed and well built, using quality materials. While not cheep, at just over $1K for a 8’ double run pair, certainly not the many thousands $$$ being ask for some of the crazy, ill designed cables out there and sound better than any other cables, at any price, I’ve had or heard.
While I would not exchange my cables for any others out there, at any price, because they are no longer available, if I ever did have to purchase another set of cables, the Mapleshades, as well as a few other sensibly designed cables, would be high on my list of possible choices. Just my 2 cents....Jim

Oxygen free copper and a well insulated covering is all you (should) need. The real trick is getting the right TERMINATIONS for your particular component(s). Since 5-way binding posts are "too old fashioned" you need banana plugs sometimes, or flexible ends when using winged-input connectors on amplifiers (a real pain IMO). Spade lugs sometimes need to be angled 45 degrees instead of straight. RCA jacks can be too tight or too loose. Heavy cables can drag your component off the shelf. Of course you may need adapters to convert RCA's to XLR's or the other way around. AC plugs can be too heavy even for a good hospital-grade outlet, or too tight. Then there are "impedance" questions only the more educated amongst us really understand. I love my music system, but there are parts of the journey I could have done without, like getting the Bloody cables I bought to fit "nicely" between one box and the other box. More than once I had to get a cable re-terminated. Another time the Belden cable that came with the component worked better than the after-market power cord I purchased. Cables should not be a major problem for the most part when evaluating what your system is capable of. IMHO. And speaking of exotic materials for shelves, footers, etc.
GOOD MDF used properly is still an excellent material and is easy to work with for many projects and applications. Maple is nice too, but probably should be used to make guitars and the like.  
Actually the really good Mapleshade interconnect cables have a conductor that’s only 54 gauge copper. I just saw that someone mentioned the Omega Mikro a little while back. One assumes that’s not the one you based your cables on. One also assumes you would probably call that Mapleshade cable snake oil or moon dust since 54 ga is about the diameter of a human hair.

While someone is compiling ing desired attributes of cables he might consider purity of the metal, silver vs copper, the influence of adding gold to the metal, the thickness of the conductor, stranded vs solid core, the design of the dielectric and directionality of the conductor.
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Sounds like different schools of ignorance .
all this for  $140 cables that come with full return if not satisfied...
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