only if you own totem eros ,best int cd combo

i heard my friends totem eros speakers, very detailed, but can't afford his expensive equipment. i can spend used, 1500 on int. and 1500 player or trans.dac combo. if you have heard a great combination please let me know.
I have heard two very impressive modest set-ups with the Arros. The first is Musical Fidelity's X-T100, X-Ray v8, and triple X power supply -- $3000 new! The other setup was Creek Evo, which would run $2000 new for both the integrated and cd player.

Check on Totem's website, I remember seeing specific component manufacturers they recommended as having synergy with their speakers. If you are able to spend $3k combined on electronics, you'll likely walk away with a great little system if you do your research well as there are tons of excellent choices out there. Don't forget about cabling and room layout either; the latter, I bet, is a big reason your buddy's system sounds so nice.
Totem will recommend Naim CD5i & Nait5i w/ Arros in your price range.

I have used a Cairn Fog v2 & PrimaLuna ProLogueII with Arros with incredible results.

With $3000 in front of the Arros, you can build yourself a very satisfying system IMO.

What did you friend have paired with the Arros?
info is great, thinking they all sound good ,,,thanks
How about Arcam A70 integrated $1100 (new) and CD73T CD player $700 (new). Use the rest of the money to buy CDs and cables.
Simaudio Moon i-3 or i-5 integrated (used $1000-$1500)

Rega Planet 2000/Apollo/Jupiter/Saturn (used $500-$1800)

I have used an i-3/Planet 2000 combination and believe they are a great match.
well, this is how good audiogon members are. i inquired with totem themselves, thinking i would not get a response, that they would be inpartial, well they came back with many suggestions. they recommended rega,sim,arcam,nain,unison,plinius, i believe you members hit the nail on the head or got plugged in correctly. now it's up to me , you know sound is critical but looks always plays a part. ss. or tubes, although i like tubes and listen to jazz fusion, the tubes,atleast amps, don't do much for me due to lack of attack on bass and i know you tubies will be upset...but i like the attack of s.s. better on bottom tubes on strings,vocals and horns. so it's fun, thinks for all the input and i will post what i got ,if you would like to come back and see. and ill post my listening output. thanks again..dwhitt
didn't take long when talking with so many,,naim...thanks dwhitt