Only hum/buzz from one channel of TD-126 Help

Bought a TD-126 off of E-bay. Had a chance to go look at it and everything seemed fine. I thought I noticed the right channel playing soft or not at all but I was not near enough to the speaker to check, so it may have been like this to start. When I got it home and hooked it up, the right channel only outputs a hum or buzz, no music. Other channel seems fine. All the connections on the cartridge seem OK, none are touching that I can see. Seems like a short, or weird grounding issue. Not sure how to fix it myself or if I can even take it to be fixed. Would love some help on how to fix this problem. So disappointed that it is not working. Help!!!
It could be a bad channel on the cartridge, could be a broken lead in the arm/cart wiring. Try swapping the right and left hot leads (at the cart) and see if it moves, then the right and left ground leads. If either causes the bad channel to move, then the problem is in the wiring. As you can probably tell, that wiring is pretty fragile. If not, then it is in the cart. If it is the cart, then you may have to do some gymnastics to figure out if the stylus or the body is bad.