Only 1 Lacquer producer left, in a garage in Japan?

Can someone comment on this.
I had read this article about 3 months ago.  When I saw the headlines about Apollo burning down, I found it again.
This article states:

“There are only two companies worldwide that produce lacquers. One of these companies is a one-man operation in Japan run by an old man who produces the lacquers in his garage."

I sure hope his garage is 10,000 square feet...
Sounds legit...

"In an interview with Pitchfork, Third Man Records co-founder Ben Blackwell said the Apollo fire “will present a problem for the vinyl industry worldwide.” He noted that Apollo was one of just two companies that make lacquer discs, and that the other, MDC in Japan, “already had trouble keeping up with demand before this development.”
Most new pressings suck any how. Buy good well cared for used records, they will sound better than most anything pressed today. You can still find original first pressings still sealed or In near mint condition at a premium (but worth it) price. All my own opinion of course.....😁
^I guess that’s an option if you only derive happiness from “old” music.

Personally, I probably derive the deepest enjoyment from music I’ve listened to for years. At least the majority of depth, that is. But at the same time, I think the majority of enjoyment, as a whole, comes from experiencing new music. Or, new to me at least.
Consider all the other chemical engagements that come with the purchase, unwrapping and discovery of new stuff and it pains me to consider a future, however temporary, that doesn’t include the process of sitting down with a new, maybe even unknown, album of music and the ethereal quality of that experience can bring.
Oh crap ..almost forgot. I can just Spotify that Crap. . Nevermind.
And old successful artists with no bills to pay


Thanks, that was an informative article.
Most of the people i know using Apollo Lacquer for dubplates/acetates and disc masters. But i can’t open their site:

" Apollo Masters Company manufactures Master lacquer discs in different Brands: Apollo, Transco and PY formulas."

They are closed, burned, really ???

Business is good. I suspect they had insurance and will be back up eventually. 
Audioguy, blanket statements like yours are always destined to be inaccurate. The best current pressings are easily as good as the best old ones. However many of the 180 gm "audiophile" pressings of popular music are garbage. Old classical records particularly from European companies are excellent. Old pressings of popular music vary from OK to garbage. Modern versions can be much better. The single largest problem I have with modern pressings is that the lacquers are frequently cut on old poorly maintained laths and the rumble is  bordering on ridiculous. I can never remember having this problem in the old days. You never have any problems with high res digital versions.
I discussed this issue with a close friend of mine a mastering engineer who cuts lacquers on a Neumann VMS 80. Saff Mastering. This is truly a big deal.  Lucky for him, he buys his lacquers through the small production in Japan.  These japanese lacquers are more expensive but higher quality than the California operation.  Saff thinks this fire will stress the business especially for the several studios that rely too heavily on cutting vinyl. Probably will put lots of places out of work.

@mijostyn raises a good point.  No one makes new lathes and servicing them can be a huge ordeal.  Think of how much better things could get if the lath tech was pushed forward and didn't end with 80's tech!

Maybe one silver lining is that we'll have fewer garbage RSD issues because of this. Or maybe no more RSD altogether.