Online Totem Dealer?

I've been unable to find a local dealer that's knowledgeable about the Totem's. Thinking of buying Arros. Can you get them online?
Why don't you do a Google search and find out? Seems like an easy thing to do.
St. Louis Stereo in St. Louis sells them and they have a web site at Give Charlie a call, he's a good guy and will let you quickly know if he can help. (Online sales by local dealers are sometimes not allowed depending on where you live.)
I second Mlsstl's recommendation regarding St. Louis Stereo. Charlie is knowledgeable and passionate about stereo equipment and music.
Sometimes being patient, you can find these in excellent condition on the used market. My friend did this and saved nearly $500 on beautiful set.
I highly recommend finding a seller and going to listen to them. I went to a dealer in Utah, with the Dreamcatcher in mind...after listening to a few different sets I walked out with the Rainmakers. They all have a different sound, and I wouldn't have been happy had I not auditioned them.

Just a recommendation.
Thanks for the replies. The Google search I did was not very helpful but everyone here is!!