Online shops for classical, jazz, audiophile CDS

I live in Moscow and order a lot of popular CDs from Amazon in the US. But as Amazon doesn't carry a lot of good stuff - where do Audiogoners order music that is not in the Top Ten?
Obviously, I need recommendations for online-companies that send to Moscow, and which I can pay by credit card. Thanks for any tips.

Both are great sources for music and some accessories and gear. They accept credit cards and ship world wide.
Both of above mentioned sites have very limited choice of performers that claim to be pressed on high quality audiophile CD.
In fact an audiophile CD not neccessarily have to be manufactured as an audiophile CD. Lot's of rare and modern jazz performers have their own small studios where they master their CDs near-perfect since they do care most of the time about how people will hear them even non-audiophiles.
Most of GRP, ECM, Concord, Avan(Japan) famous jazz labels have their CDs mastered near-perfect along with less known small private studios. has probably THE widest choice of all kinds of music on CDs and all of them sold there are originals and not BMG or Columbia House re-manufactures.

For the rare CDs you can visit that has a network of a private sellers-collectors along with huge stores all arround the world.
Do you know where I can find burmester cd?
Tower offers everything. And i'm sure they can ship to Moscow. Hey Hassel , could you look around in the local music shops for a 1965 recording of Rach's vespers, USSR choir???
Another excellent source for audiophile jazz CDs (and LPs) is Red Trumpet ( The staff are friendly and extremely knowledgeable, and they have a great selection. The other thing that I like about this merchant is their weekly email newsletters full of chatty music info and new releases, sales, etc.