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Are there any good reliable online sources to purchase music from. I'm not interested in the mainly audiophile sources such as Music Direct. I buy from Amazon quite a bit as they have most everything I want but sometimes the wait is very long. My last order will take 2 months for them to ship. Tower is gone. Any good sources?

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Well if you are not looking for hard to find rare discs or the just released yesterday, I would recommend Customer service can be slow, but they do respond. I have bought a lot of music here.
I frequently use It's usually quick, depending on the seller (feedback) and selection is good. For obscure music try cdbaby. Very fast and they are good for experimentation. Also check the archives as this question's been asked several times.
I second All new CDs for $6.99 and free shipping. Much cheaper than i-tunes! I get a lot of music there.


Tower is not gone ... for mail order, anyways. Still alive and well, free shipping, decent enough, if not the best prices.

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the things that generally take forever on amazon will take forever anywhere, unless you luck out on ebay. try the amazon zshops as well.

Try for cd and dvd shopping with free shipping... and they're quick about it too.

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Jeff is consistently inexpensive and is fine if you don't mind the rather modest selection. seems to have a much greater selection but is much more variable for prices. Both Overstock & Amazon also have lots more selections than YourMusic. I've actually quit YourMusic recently because of that lack of selection (and will pick up a bunch more @ DeepDiscount now). It all does depend on what you're looking for, so it's definitely YMMV. not only had a weak selection. The few titles they offered that were not big sellers and available at Walmart in Podunk Iowa would get pulled from their inventory ALOT. My monthly queue selection was yanked at least 7 times in one year.
The people at Wayside Music and Squidco are deeply into music that isn't stale and generic. Both have bargain bins and Squidco doesn't have any shipping charges in the U.S.
For classical: ArkivMusic. They have an unsurpassed selection. It's also an easy site for looking up recordings by performer, composer, conductor, or label. Not the lowest prices, but when you can't find it anywhere else, chances are they'll have it. Great customer service. Get on the email list to be informed of sales—it's the time to buy for competitive prices.
you can also try BetterRecords and AcousticSounds, more mainstream on the order of MusicDirect although Betterrecords is a good spot for one off's.
Heard good things about CD Baby, lots of inde artists too