Online Audio / 30 Day Home Trials

Want to try to establish a list of Online audio dealers selling MID to HIGH end equipment that offer 30 day home trials and refunds (hopefully full refunds minus shipping). Since system synergy is so crucial, it's a good thing for audiophiles to be able to listen to gear, cables etc. and hear the results at home in their own systems, and know that a return is possible if a new addition fails to sound good. The first online dealers that come to mind:

Music Direct
Audio Advisor
Tweek Geek
Sound Approach

Can you add more to this list? Thanks for your contribution.
Nowadays a lot of the companies are charging a 15 to 20 percent restocking fee if you send stuff back. The cable company will charge you a 5% rental fee to try out cables and headphones. I don't know any companies that will let you rent amps or speakers. Some times a local dealer will let you take a piece of equipment home for the weekend to try out.
I sent back a few items to Audio Advisor and have now been banned from anymore 30 day trials.
I have found there is a fair amount of good audio related products available via Amazon and Amazon tends to provide good customer satisfaction and has a pretty fair return policy as well.

So Amazon is not a bad source to consider in the interst of having some insurance against a potential misguided purchase.
The Cable Company does subtract any rental fee from a purchase, should one keep the product. Most companies probably would. It's easy to understand a company, trying to recoup the costs of maintaining an inventory of items for people to audition, depreciate and potentially damage.
Crutchfield offers 60 days.
Wow thats so great!!