Onkyo886/Integra 9.9 versus Emotiva UMC-1

Has anyone compared moderate priced processors such as the Onkyo 886/Integra 9.9 to the new Emotiva UMC-1? I've heard the 886/9.9 uses toroidal and is quite a good piece for home theater and decent for a somewhat upper-end 2-channel sound (true?).

But I don't know if the Emotiva with a retail of 699 has the same sound quality. Plus I've heard there was some issues with them. Maybe if the UMC-1 is ordered from today going forward they've addressed all the issues (if there were any)?
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An early Emotiva UMC-1 displayed a significant number of serious operational issue that were to be addressed by firmware updates. Not wanting an extended beta tester experience, the pre/pro was returned to Emotiva. Search the Emotiva form to check on the current state of affairs. Good luck!
The Integra 9.9 is a very good home theater processor. The Audyssey setup for the speakers works well, in fact it's the best my 5.1 theater system has ever sounded. It's about my 5th or 6th processor. In most things "Digital", it's a winner.

However, I am very heavy into 2 channel audio and to say it's "lacking" in Analog would be an understatement. The good news is that it can integrate nicely with a good Analog preamp. You can setup a channel in the Integra as "Direct" and have the Analog pass through with no processing by the Integra. Only the volume control is active... works and makes a great system if you need both theater and 2 channel.
After hearing both I bought the latest UMC-1. I feel it has better sound and looks MUCH better. I've had no bugs beyond user error on my part and the unit is fantastic. Emotiva has also addressed previous issues with firmware updates and continues to do so.

I've posted a short review, which should be up shortly.