Onkyo TX-SR875 or 905-- anyone???

Has anyone used this receiver yet? I'm mainly interested in how well it does in upscaling std def cable, VCR, and DVDs. I'm curious how the new Reon chip compares to competitors in this area, most notably Denon and Yamaha or even the Anthem pre/pro, but hearing how the Onkyo does on its own would be helpful too. In particular, does it make standard cable significantly more watchable on a HDTV? Thanks.
Hi, I own an 875. I think that holding out for the 905 might be prudent. It has HD radio, Internet connectivity, and a better amplifier section. That being said, I do love the 875. The Reon does wonders at improving the sd picture from Directv. I set the HDMI output to 1080P and I am blown away by the improvement. My XBR2 did a pretty good job on its own resolving 1080i. With the 875 and the Reon chip set, jaggies have been reduced to virtual nothingness. I find the colors and depth to be jaw dropping. The combination of the Sony XBR, PS3 with Blu Ray player and the Onkyo TX-SR875 with good cables from Audioquest and Better Cables. The Better Cables Silver Serpent HDMI is a killer bargain.