Onkyo TX-RZ Series Input

Lower end equipment subject today. Has anyone experienced the newer Onkyo TX-RZ series AVR's?
Internets full of positive reviews from the vendors but I'd like to hear from the owners.
I recommended the  tx-rz800 to my Dad after reading the same reviews you read. His Sony Str-da777es digital board went zap. That is an older very good sounding receiver. I was curious how the Onkyo would stack up. It appears to be the best bang for buck receiver available and able to pass all the 4K stuff.  It was easy to hook everything up on it, and it appears to be built decent.  As far as being user friendly, I give it a D.  The on screen displays look dated and the text is very small for my eyes.
The Eq balancing program built in does not do a good job.
I had to reset the crossover frequencies, and my Dad says the levels sound off.  The buttons on the receiver are very small and hard to read. The remote control buttons are confusing. Especially if you are using a 2nd zone, which my Dad is with outside speakers. We still have not figured out how to turn on and off zone 2 easily. When zone 2 is on outside you can shut off zone one. The receiver will show a tiny light on the display. Problem is you can hardly see that and the receiver looks like it is off from a distance which it is not.  I can see neighbors loving that when the outside speakers stay on unknowingly!  The receiver does sound clean, warm in the mids, and detailed. We played an action movie pretty loud and I did not experience any listening fatigue. That is saying a lot. It is not as dynamic as the old Sony, but the Sony was a little on the bright side, but much easier to use. Sound wise I could live with it. Im going back to try to help my Dad figure it out more today. We'll see.
I tried a current Pioneer receiver for myself a couple months ago. A little confusing to use but much easier than the Onkyo.  It did not sound good though. It didn't have the class D amps.  I'm thinking Marantz may be a better bet for Dad. More money but I hear the interface is set up good, and suppose to sound good. We will see if he keeps the Onkyo.

@ jeff, thanx for the input. I caught basically the same on another forum. Sort story, told my boy to forget it, he then asked about Marantz. I couldnt give him any positive in that direction either, never cared for Marantz. Told him to stay with the old 2-channel Cary I gave him.
Onkyo in the late 1970's was considered high end! Remember electronic business back then was dominated by pioneer! Listened to a Onkyo system in 1979 that would have blown your mind!! Onkyo has since those days centered more on mass market appeal rather than high end!