Onkyo TX NR3007

I am planning to sell my Onkyo TX NR3007. Any idea of what I should sell it for? In like new condition and have never had any issues with it but I moved and the thing is just too big for the new entertainment center, Also would like some ideas of a smaller receiver that would be a good replacement. I will need to purchase something new once I sell the Onkyo. One possibility is the Denon 3313. Thanks in advance for any advice on these 2 questions!
I would gauge your price against new refurbished prices. Accessories4less is currently selling the 3007 for $899.99 with mfr's 1 year warranty.


If you have been happy with your Onkyo TX-NR3007, and like it's interface, check out the Onkyo TX-NR717. It has a lower profile than the 3007.


Otherwise, I think the Denon AVR-3113CI is a good choice.


It is very simple. The Denon has a more warm sound. And the Onkyo has a better focus compared to Denon. Wenn you want to ad an poweramp which can give a deep stage as well. Onkyo is the best option. Because it can give a deep stage as well. Tests I did with Denon with an amp what can give a deep stage the stage still will be flat. And that is why Denon is a 2 dimensional brand. For me it is this simple. Like 1 and 1 is 2.
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