Onkyo SE-U55 or Stereo-Link 1200?

I am trying to get high quality sound from my PC now, and I just have to decide which of these audio devices I should buy.

The main differences: The Onkyo unit does not require external AC power, while the Stereo-Link does; the Onkyo has many more connectors for output as well as input, which the Stereo-Link is severely lacking; the Stereo-Link specs say it has a 20-bit DAC, while the specs for Onkyo say it has a 1-bit DAC.... which doesn't seem logical at all, so I don't know if that's a typo or what, but everywhere I've seen specs they have said "1-bit".

I want to buy the Onkyo because it's one less AC power cord to deal with, and has more options, but the biggest drawbacks I see is that there are no reviews of it from anyone who knows anything about high-end audio, and the fact that the specs say it has a "1-bit" DAC.
I have the stereo-link and as you say it has no input or output for other gear. It has headphone output with volume control. I will say that it took my computer sound from bad-pretty darn good, it is a usb device and as such takes your computer soundcard out of the picture. I can not give any advice as to the Onkyo or how it hooks to your computer. I do think that the onkyo products I have had over the years gave good bang for buck. I think SGHT had something to say about the onkyo in their pc gear section a while back.