onkyo sc885/886 or integra 9.8/9.9?

can anyone comment on the audessy multiEQ on either of these units.
1. how good/accurate they are?
2. how does it compare with anthems ARC?

i seem to see alot of these processors on audiogon.
everyone seems to want to upgrade from these units.
do these units not sound good for blu rays via hdmi?
please let me know what you think

thanks alot
Old news. Discussed ad nauseam on AVSforum and reviewed by all the usual suspects, including me. They are, of course, discontinued but are still outstanding, especially in the current market.



Last year,I was looking to upgrade to an HDMI based system with the lossless Dolby and DTS codecs.Based on Kal's review of the Integra processor,and a bit of on-line research,I purchased the Onkyo 905 receiver.It was virtually identical to the Integra 9.8 receiver.I loved it and would have kept it for a long time if not for an excellent opportunity to acquire an Integra DHC-9.9 Pre/Pro at an unbeatable price.I initially paired the 9.9 with a Rotel RMB 1075 amp.The results were quite good,but probably not worth the effort and additional expense.The Onkyo's internal amps ran very hot,but sounded terrific(even with two channel sources).I very recently installed the RMB 1095 amp and I'm now very happy that I made the change.The bass is deeper and tighter and the highs are nicely extended.The operation and set-up are virtually identical.The audessy multiEQ is the only auto set-up that I prefer to me,my ears and an SPL meter.I used 4 listening positions to set-up each unit.The results were outstanding with both.I like the larger buttons and printing on the Integra.
Ultimately I think it depends upon your speakers and amplifier requirements.