Onkyo Pr-Sc886 or Anthem AVM-50

I have the Onkyo, but I feel I'm lacking something(dynamics) and got a good deal on the Anthem. I plan on going multi channel pcm from my Oppo 93 for hi def sound and SACD. Is this an upgrade or a lateral move?
I have Meadolark Heron i's main, Meadolark center, B&W cdm2se back and 2- 12"Velodyne subs. The mains are driven by Rogue M-180's through a Joule pre, the surrounds and center are driven by a Rotel RMB 1075.
Strong suggestion for the Anthem AVM-50 especially on the audio. I do not feel that Onkyo to Anthem is a lateral move at all. I personally feel that the entire build of the product end to end is better with the Anthem and ultimately yields a superior sound. Anthem doesn't go for bells and whistles, just pure delivery where it counts.

I can speak on experience with the Anthem products in general. I have a funny feeling that if you go with the Anthem you'll never look back and regret it.