Onkyo P-3000R gain adjustment?

I can't find anywhere in the documentation that says the gain is adjustable on this preamp. I've always just assumed that it's not. I've been very happy with the performance although the volume knob is always between about 9:00 and 10:30 in my small 9 x 12 listening room. Besides making the volume adjustment extremely sensitive, I've always wondered if I could adjust the gain so my listening is in roughly the 12:00 range give or take it might also improve the sound. I recently picked up a Violetric V281 headphone amp/preamp. From the factory default you can adjust both headphone out and preamp out gain by plus or minus 6 and 12 db. Having now used them it seems adjustable gain should be an industry standard. IMHO of course

Thanks for the compliment. If only it had balanced inputs and outputs (in addition to the adjustable gain) it would likely be my end game preamp. Don’t know if I’ll ever use it but I heard it also has an amazing phono preamp
as far as I know only headphone output has gain control on p3000rActually the louder you listen the better p3000r sounds.In my opinion p3000ris one of the best sounding preamps out there.I own it second time,even sold audio research ref 3 preamp after comparison side by side.