Onkyo m510 grand integra

Hello. I am planning to buy this amp (used). Does anybody know it or has ever listened to it? The system would include proac d80 speakers, an accuphase dp 67 cd player and a BAT vk 3 preamp. Music that I usually listen to includes pretty much everything except rap and heavy metal. Thanks in advance for your recomendations.
It had a good reputation at one time and I thought about buying one on several occasions but circumstances were never quite right. In my opinion it would be a good amp but whether it would be up to the level of the rest of your equipment would be hard to say. If the price and condition were good I think I would try it.
While I have never owned or heard any of the Grand Integra amps, specifically the M510, they were considered competion for the Mark Levinsons and Krells of the time.

Here is an interesting snippit. I can't remember what site I got this from.

"In a recent review, Stereophile indicated those Onkyo amps were competitive with the Krell and Mark Levinson models of that era. Those gold-toned Grand Integras were also popular at high end audio shows, particularly in the early home theater demos (this was before the advent of multichannel receivers, and right when the first consumer Dolby Surround decoders became available). I recall one setup using a Novabeam front projection TV, and the audio driven by a pair of monobridged Onkyo Grand Integras, with surrounds driven by another two-channel Onkyo amp."

I think i am going to get it. The specs are unbelievable (300 watt per channel at 8 ohm)! i will let you know how it plays out!

Good for you Frankie67,

it's a great amp. I owned one back in the days, if it would have come in mono block form who knows I might still own it today.

Absolutely gorgeous looking beast!

I had it paired up with numerous speakers and worked well with all of them.
Thanks Dev. Do you remember if you paired it with a tube preamp? (that's what i intend to do). Do you think it's going to remain a good amp for a few years? Thanks again.
I had a Jeff Rowland top of the line at that time and also tried a ARC SP10 & SP11 with it and all sounded great.

The mono blocks I got at that time were Krell KSA 250's and I can say sonic wise there were allot more things I preferred with the 510. I did not like their speaker binding post, the large power cord is fixed, takes two to properly move it arround.

It's really going to come down to trial and error different flavours and depending on the rest of your set-up.

Now I'm not trying to scare you off but this design dates back a few years now so my only concern would be condition which realistically there is no way of knowing besides visual inspection, confirming when you touch the top vents it runs only warm to the touch but once the unit has been on for a few hours using it, meters work properly. Nothing last for ever, if it broke who would have the skill to fix it along with getting appropriate parts.

The person whom I sold mine too enjoyed it for years but then one day while listening it just shut down. Long story after trying to find someone qualified which was a task on it's own found out the big transformers needed replacing, he lucked out because they still had some but that was close to 15 years ago, I recall by the time the tech was done the cost was $2K but apparently the amp never sounded the same again so the owner said.

So you really need to take all this into consideration.

Good luck!
I have one in Norway. It´s a 230V in nearly mint cond.
If you are interested the price is US 4500.-
Best regards
Trygve Knutsen
Hello is your Onkyo m510 in Norway still available?
Please send me same pictures. Do you have the original boxes and manual?
Can you send me a phone number for discuss? Thanks.
Hello is your Onlyo still available and it work at 230v?
Please send me your phone number for discuss. I live in Italy.
Many thanks.
Hello I have an Onkyo at 110v in excellent condition for sale. If you are interested please contact me. Thanks.
Greetings. I actually have one of these Onkyo M-510's and love it. First, I will confirm the obvious. The 510 is extremely powerful, dynamic, very clean, and presents well. I have been running it with an Audio Research LS2B preamp, and a Marantz SA-11S1 super audio cd player. I have pushed the Paradigm Studio 100's, JBL 240ti's, and Sonus Faber Concerto's with it. All of them sounded great. Definitely very tight and fast bass, and deep. This amp will not run out of power too easily.

I do not agree with people that have or have had 1 or 2 "expensive audiophile" amps in their lives, passing judgement/knocking against such an impressive machine, without ever hearing it. Onkyo only made a few of these, as their flagship taunting, and they are loaded with very serious hardware.

Bottom line, this is an awesome amp, capable of running in different circles and coming up respectable. Lastly, has anyone seen the resale value of a Krell or a Mark Levinson amp, 10-20 years later ? Funny, but I always see them selling for about 1/2 (half) of the original list price, and often taking weeks to sell. This would "Never" happen with a Grand Integra. Food for thought. Peace out.
Extremesounds100: "Funny, but I always see them selling for about 1/2 (half) of the original list price, and often taking weeks to sell. This would "Never" happen with a Grand Integra. Food for thought. Peace out."

My pair of Levinson ML-2's sell for approx. their newprice ;-)
Almost bought one of these just now but something someone said above struck a chord... Sure, this amp will likely meet or exceed the sonic qualities of the Krell and Levinson stuff of that era, and is in many respects probably of better quality, but a serious problem presents if the thing ever breaks down (and it will, at some point, need caps, or other parts replaced). Unless you are buying it for its collectible value, be prepared to run straight into a brick wall should it ever need service.

For the price these go for you're pretty much right on the cusp, or even exceeding in some cases the price of a pair of McIntosh MC501 Monoblocks which will be nearly forever serviceable and retain their value almost as well. Some guy at a stereo shop in California (Allegro) is trying to get 10 grand for one of these, and at that point you could do so much better. Almost got mine for 5500 then I had to think twice about future repairs.
I have one i put a Cary tube preamp and infinity kappa 9's ,I had 10 different amps and set ups,,,this amp was Unreal,,endless power ,,and the sonic's the thing has!, hope this helps
Video of 2 Onkyo M510 amps
Hi, anybody have the onkyo m 510 amp for sale?
It goes to prove how subjective this hobby is. Are you KIDDING me, 4.5k for a 25-30 year old 510? I know this is an old post but to those that might be tempted by a "legendary" component from days bygone, just be aware of what you're willing to pay relative to what is available in the here and now. I heard the 508, not the 510, numerous times at a local dealer many years back and the sound was always the same, as flat as a pancake, no depth, layering and a bit harsh in the upper frequencies relative to the competition, the antithesis of tube sound or the best ss, to my ears of that time, the Class A Thresholds. Or is the 510 a whole nother ballgame? I doubt it!
I could see the love for a ole Marantz receiver...man those were cool...but...ah...what ever floats the boat.
If anyone ever needs service on a Grand Integra just call, "Just audio" in Baltimore Md. They are a factory autyh rep and where I take all my Onkyo Grand Integra"s for service. I have a bunch! They have a form on their website for mail in gear. But If you've got a M-510 for sale                                                             "Contact ME!"
       That is the only one I've never had!
By the way, For the price they hold their own. They made matching pre's for all of them I believe. Those above that didn't like them, may have been listening to a pre that just wasn't compatible with them or even 
sub-standard.. I do not find the M-508 "flat", at all. They seem to like tube pre's, but what amp doesn't?