Onkyo Integra M-588

Hi, I recently came across (and old dream) the M-588 in Champagne in seemingly excellent condition. 

1) It runs a little hot I think - any experiences out there

2) I am struggling figuring out how to switch between VU Meter Range 1x and 0.1x - not able to find it in the only manuals I have been able to locate.


The meters switch "automatically" back and forth depending on how many watts are being registered/used (1X for higher wattage and 0.1X for lower wattage).





Sorry, I reversed the 1.0/.1 duties, but assume you got the drift.


DeKay (always putting his T-Shirt on backwards).

I have 2x M504's that run a little bit warm and they've been fine for years. Just curious, what did you pay for that? They're hard to find and worth quite a bit