Onkyo Integra A-701D

Hello! I am hoping someone will recognize the Onkyo integrated amplifier I have...it is a huge amp with digital coaxial and optical inputs, large transformer and capacitors that are in a separate area from the pre-amp section. Even the top is in two pieces! The model number is Onkyo Integra A-701D...this amp sounds fantastic and I would like to know it's specs. I just found a pair of Paradigm 9se's that I plan on using with this but do not want to connect them just yet so as not to blow them. My guess is this weighs close to 70 pounds. I called Onkyo and they have nothing on this. Please respond if you know about this amp!


You are less likely to blow up a speaker with too much power than you are with too little. Regardless of the amplifiers cappability to output lotsa-watts it is only sending a little to teh speakers at normal volume levels.

It appears to have been a model only relesed in Japan. It looks like it's continuous output at 8ohm is 105w and peaks at 235w into 4ohm. There is no specification regarding the amperage though. It looks like it its from the early 90's.

THANK YOU! This information is great! I'm glad the person in Japan included a pic of the spec sheet! I know that distortion at higher volumes causes more speaker damage than pure power, but I do not want to take a chance with the Paradigms.

Thanks again!