Onkyo HDMI bad boards.

Anyone else having issues with the HDMI boards on Tx NR609. There was a recall I had it fixed and now it’s bad again, I am offered a different  unit for cheap but after research the boards go bad on them too. I’m done with Onkyo. 
The ONKYO HDMI  board failures are legendary and well known with no fix offered nor none  in sight either.

in brief: A must to avoid..... full stop 

here is just a sampler of audiophile forum complaints about the crisp



I have owned an Onkyo TX-SR705 AVR since the fall of 2007 and never a failure.  Soon after, I think the TX-SR#06(possibly SR/NR#07) series is where the troubles began.  Onkyo/Integra did make good after much outcry and warrantied most of the troubled AVRs.  Supposedly they went to a new OEM HDMI board supplier and the problems have been minimal in comparison.

Sorry for all of your Onkyo HDMI woes.