Onkyo fans favorites

I have recently purchased and Onkyo integra TX-108 two channel receiver and really like the sound. The sound is detaled with a little pounce. My question is are some other Onkyo products I should look for? Noticed nice old amplifiers with large VU meters. Thanks for your recomendations,
I've got a carefully crafted system with several pieces of top tier equipment.I have, and it still amazes me, a 1990 Onkyo CD player,I used it for a back up while waiting for my main source to be upgraded.Even 18 years later it still plays very well.

My favorite is the A-9555 integrated amp. There is a long drawn out break-in period though. Amazing performance for very little money.
I love my Onkyo TX-820. However, it could stand to have a bit of maintenance (cap replacement, etc). Any suggestions on who could give my beloved receiver some TLC? It's been (almost literally) powered up and playing since 1989.
Nrenter - I get most of my capacitors from Parts Express and have replaced many power supply caps in old amps and receivers. It's not hard; just need to know the value and voltage. Also need to watch the polarity on electrolytics.