Onkyo DX-7555 vs. Cambridge 640 v2 vs. Onix cd-5se

Speakers are PSB Synch One's and pre-amp / amp is a Integra DTR 9.9 receiver. For that reason I am wondering if the Onkyo cdp will provide the best sound due to the best component matching. Only thing i don't like about the Onkyo is no detachable power chord, although this could be overcome. Please give me your thoughts amd let me know if you've compared any of these. Thanks...
i own a 640 and love it, plenty of power, alot of inputs , detachable power cord, it should match up aok with your psb , due to the tube like sound that it presents. i have listen to alot of tube amp, the cambridge was playing when i first fot it and was sitting listening into several weeks of play and i said to myself, yes it is a tube amp....sorry , haven't had my first coffee, really , it is a great sounding amp...dwhitt