Onkyo a-9555 digital amp vs. Jolida 302b tubes

I currently have a Jolida 302b and while I enjoy the tube sound I feel like I'm missing too much of the low end. I don't currently have the budget to purchase a higher end tube amp so I've been looking for a replacement. I own a Panasonic XR25 digital receiver which I have been pleased with. I've read that the Onkyo is a much better amp than the Panasonic. I've also read that the Onkyo has a tube-like sound (though I realize it won't sound exactly the same). For basically an even trade do you guys think the Onkyo would be a good swap for the Jolida? I also need a built-in phono section which the Onkyo has.

Anyone compare the two?

I've had both and like the Onkyo the best. The Onkyo is faster and more detailed whereas the the Jolida is a bit too sluggish and laid back for my tastes.