Onkyo A-5VL a good solution?

Hello all:

Wanted to ask your opinion about an Onkyo integrated class-d.

I have a pair of Zu Druid Mk IV, powered by 15 WPC Sonic Impact t-amp (actually the Dayton clone) all via Bithead DAC, iTunes transport.

Sound pretty good, except they do clip at high volume. My living room is large with high, vaulted ceiling, so I need to sit pretty close to the speakers.

There is insufficient base (after extensive room tuning) so I'd like to run stereo subs, maybe Hsu STF-1 or 2 (I will have 2, and am on a budget).

I'm looking for an amp/pre-amp that as optical input (so I can stream digitally from my iMac), and either stereo pre-amps or L/R outputs that I can use to power two subs directly. I don't want to daisy chain the druids into the subs, that would negate the point of no-crossover.

The Onkyo is a 40 WPC class-d with A+B outs, and optical in. You can get it for about $500 new. DAC is burr brown, I think.

Does anyone have experience with this? Does this setup seem like a good idea?

Also intrigued by the Decco/Nova, but the I'm really not sure about a tube pre, it seems tweaky (I know, I know, I have Zus and am talking about tweakyness. I wanted something different and love the dynamics, OK?!)