Onkyo 9555

I just purchased an Onkyo 9555, for a friend that doesnt know that much about hi end, but i though this amp could be a good starter in the hobby.
now iam facing the hunting for speakers, he likes thin towers in black to match his furniture, so i was suggesting silver minuets but they are book shelves. Thinking on Rega RS3, no idea about the synergy?
i am sure some of you own this amp or a while,
really appreciative of guidance towards speakers, matching gear, cables etc.
thanks a lot.
What is your friend's budget? If he is spending $450 or so on an amp, is he looking for speakers at/ about the same price? Does he want new stock or is he willing to live with used items? Does he want to hear the speakers before he buys them?

If his budget is in the $450 or so range, new, then your choices will be limited to manufacturers like Polk (TSi300) or to closeouts. One closeout to consider is the PSB Alpha T - a previous year's model that Upscale Audio has for $300.

My Onkyo sounded great with Vienna Bach Grands.
Just don't buy any low impedance speakers. The ONK class D units do not drive these well at all. The ONK standard units (WRAT) drive low impedance loads just fine.
What about the Silverline Audio Preludes? Also, consider a pair of Ohm MicroWalsh Talls.