Onkyo 805 receiver no sound - any clues?

I was going to fire up the surround sound on my receiver but when I started to adjust the volume I got nothing. I tested other sources (CD, headphones)...nothing. Its like all the amps are shut down. Any clues out there on what the problem could be?

Also if I have to get another avr any recommendations? It is used for TV and movies mostly in a 5.1 configuration. I have a dedicated two channel set up. Thanks.
I have the 805 and have not experienced this problem. I don't have enough information to diagnose the problem but I believe a systematic approach may help. First, unplug the unit for 5 minutes and then plug it in. Next, go back to default on all settings. Next, go to the radio function since it is built in and there is no concern for outside sources. Make sure you cycle through the DSP settings to stereo or Pure Audio to make sure it isn't the DSP engine. Then, let us know what you find in case it helps others. If those things fail, it may be the power supply. Did it overheat at any time? These units get hot and need lots of ventilation.
Tgrisham, thanks for the note. I have been in the troubleshooting mode for the last couple of days had have come to the conclusion that it may be a power supply or something similar.

Now the question is do I want to dump money into repairs or start fresh with a new receiver. I don't know how much a power supply would cost to fix but if it starts to get around $200 to $300 then I'm not sure that's the path I should take.
I just had this happen to my Onkyo 809. The audio just went dead on the receiver. I was told it was the audio processor board, it had to be replaced. I had purchased an extended warranty from Best Buy where I purchased this, so not sure what this would cost to get repaired. I would guess around $200.00. Good luck whatever you decide do.
Then it is not worth fixing. Any new receiver will offer the same functionality as the 805 and cost approx $700 and have a new warranty. I still believe in Onkyo products. Good luck.
I went ahead and spent a few bucks to troubleshoot the problem with receiver. Turns out the audio / video board is bad. The repair was north of $300 so I am now going to buy a new AVR.

My current candiate is the Denon AVR-X2000 which I can get for $650 including a headphone bundle. I could probably sell the headphones for about $200. Any other AVR thoughts?
For only $50 more you could get an Onkyo 818 which has the TOTL Audyssey room correction, which has much more resolution and also integrates a subwoofer better than ever. Might be worth a look, people are really impressed with it.

The Denon is also a fine model, just be aware that ANY receiver you get these days will not have the amp section equal to the old 805.
"The Denon is also a fine model, just be aware that ANY receiver you get these days will not have the amp section equal to the old 805."

Well not really true. The new Cambridge Audio 751R and NAD T787 both have rock solid powerful amp sections. Though they both come in at close to triple the price of the Onkyo 818. But it is very true that the older Onkyo TX-SR805 was way overbuilt for it's price point and the amp section was crazy powerful.

Fair enough, the ARCAMs, NADs, and Cambridge's are the exception to the rule of mass market receivers for under !000. Since the OP is looking to spend $650, he's got a budget that precludes the high end powerhouse brands.
Well I ordred a Denon AVR-X2000. The good part is that at least it has a three year warranty and it will only be used for TV and movies. I have a dedicated two channel system for music.