Onix X-88 CDP Transport Problem

I was changing cd's within an interval of 1/2 hour after a listening session of a couple of hours. Anyway the disk tray closed and nothing. CD read close for a couple of minutes after which it would read disc. Tried other cds, nothing. Shut it down and tried the next day, nothing. Long story short, I took the top of the CDP off to clean it, and more playing around. The cd does not spin but I can hear the cd mechanism spinning. This does not seem a good thing, and I assume this is not something that I can fix. At its price point, serious problem? Worth fixing? What do you think. Is the Music Hall cd 25 known for this type of problem? the Onix is it's clone. Thanks much, Dave
In my opinion, not worth the time and dollars to repair. New the unit was $299.95. With the problems your looking atthe repair is at least $100.00 if not more. Today you can get an Oppo for under $200.00 delivered to your door. While the Onix X-88 was a giant killer in its day, the newer Oppo slays it by a wide margin.
Ned, thanks for your response. And sorry I didn't get back sooner, was out of town. The repair is going to be $150 so, you're right, not really worth it. I'll just keep an eye out on agon to see what pops up. Take good care, Dave