Onix Speakers

Does anyone know of a shop in NYC that carries the line. I can't even find a URL for the company.


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I think they are a discontinued ID-only line and you will not find them, new, in shops. Try AV123.

I think Kal is right. I believe that Onix is an internet direct only brand sold through AV123.com.

Used to be a UK company (Onix Electronic Co., Ltd). MLS Imports was their US distributor based in Colorado... MLS runs AV123.com today and sells as well as makes these now. AFAIK nothing recent has to do with the original UK based company which had partial and then full "far eastern" ownership by 1996. It's obviously a very complicated path, but suffice it to say you won't find them new in NYC. Perhaps used? The current Onix line is available from AV123.com only... or used.