Onix Speakers

The Onix x-Is speaker has caught my eye. I have heard of the brand, but know nothing as to sound quality. Does anyone have personal knowledge of the brand in general and/or the model in particular? My listening preference is rock. The amplifier is a Hafler TA-1600, the preamp a Melos Sha-Gold and speakers at present are PSB 400i's.
You might want to check out the av123.com forum. They are obviously biased, but you should be able to find several reviews of the x-ls.

I own the Unix Ref 1s and have never heard the x-ls. However, I doubt that you can find a better alternative at this pricepoint.

Their customer service is outstanding.
I also had the Ref1's and Onix SP3 tube integrated. I really liked the SP3, but the Ref1's were nothing special. Well, they were great to look at I guess.

Bbroussard is quite right - the AV123 people are great.

Incidentally, I have also owned Swans gear. AV123 replaced that line with Onix. I much prefer the Swans.

Sorry, but I have not heard the x-ls.
Go to eCoustics.com and search Onix. Several speaker reviews there.
I agree the Ref1s are nothing special at their price point. I like the ufw-10 sub but feel that mostly they are selling pretty cabinets. You won't find a nicer cabinet than the x-ls at the price.
So.... Onix brand just nothing special but the pretty cabinets? May i get
more thoughts or confirmations on the BOOKSHELVES?
Should I move on with more reputation companies, or they do have what it
takes to join in my BOOKSHELF family:
.Sonus Faber Concertino
.Kef Q10
.Quad 11L2
.Meadowlark Swallow
.Usher S520
.Focal Chorus 806V
I never heard of any Onix's, but they look so good. Help.

Could run them up with small amps like either Rega Mira, Nad C352bee, or
Jeff Rowland 102.
I have a pair of Onix Strata Mini's that are outstanding hybrid speakers. The company tanked after the owner was convicted of fraud, so the only option is used and no customer support. The stratas got rave reviews when released as did their reference series speakers.